What does Bill C-262 mean to you?

In early June, Bill C-262 (An Act to Ensure that the Laws of Canada are in Harmony with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples), is going to 3rd and final vote in the House of Commons. It is an incredibly hopeful moment, for according to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Declaration is “the framework for reconciliation.” Recently, Church leaders sent a letter to the Prime Minister in support of Bill C-262 (see https://goo.gl/9roNV5). But we need your help. Our friends at Christian Peacemaker Teams have initiated a “Bill C-262 means _______” campaign, and are inviting congregations and individuals to post pictures on social media (Facebook and Twitter) telling the watching world what 262 means to you (e.g., hope, justice, respect). Use the tag @Adopt_Implement and spread the word to your friends and ecumenical connects.