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Path 4: ”Jesus also interprets Scripture.  One response focused exclusively on trying to understand the ‘hermeneutics of Jesus,’ i.e., how the Gospel writers portray the way Jesus uses and interprets the Old Testament. It is evident that we can learn much from that in our own reading of Scripture.”

November 23, 2012

Path 3: Scripture already interprets Scripture. It is very important to pay close attention to this inter-textual interpretation, because this already gives us essential clues in the ways we need to understand how various passages relate to each other.

November 22, 2012

Path 2: Context makes a difference in how Scripture is interpreted, understood, and applied for faith and life. Context refers not only to the importance of understanding the time and place out of which Scripture emerged and to which it was addressed. It also refers to our time and place and how that impacts our understandings of Scripture.

November 22, 2012

Path 1: The life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus are central and serve as the critical lens of interpretation that helps us understand all of Scripture.

November 21, 2012
 Daylins Rufin Pardo, a Baptist pastor and seminary professor in Cuba

Consider the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Sandy and you’re likely to picture crushed homes, uprooted trees, massive flooding, power outages, food shortages and commuter disruption.

November 13, 2012
two pictures of couples, text "Build a Kick-starter Gift"

In an effort to reduce the ecological footprint and the costs of fundraising, Mennonite Church Canada is printing and shipping less paper as it invites support for wider church ministry this Christmas.

November 13, 2012
two women smiling, looking at the camera

While Mennonite Church Canada is striving to find greener ways of being the church and practicing good stewardship, innovations must be weighed against their effectiveness and their impact on relationships.

November 13, 2012
woman dressed in red top, white skirt, lawn and garden in the background

Although Odette Mukole has surely told her story hundreds of times, she speaks softly. She is patient, humble and gracious.

November 13, 2012
5 people sitting around tables

For the second year in a row, Mennonite Church Canada and MAX Insurance subsidized the attendance of  business and church leaders to the Global Leadership Summit – a simulcast leadership development event broadcast to over 20 locations across the country by Willowcreek Canada (Oct. 18-19).

November 13, 2012
card board box with and image of children running carrying a green flag

Christians believe that God is everywhere, and often speak of sensing God’s Spirit. But how can adults help children understand the wonder, power, and essence of God? Breathe It In: God Gives Life, MennoMedia’s 2013 vacation Bible school curriculum, seeks to do just that.

November 13, 2012