MCEC: Summary of Future Directions Task Force Decision

at the Annual Gathering April 30th, 2016
Dan Dyck, compiled from reports
May 2, 2016
Mennonite Church Canada/Mennonite Church Eastern Canada
Mennonite Church Eastern Canada
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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“We have a strong mandate from MCEC congregations to take the next step in further developing the work of the FDTF group,” wrote David Martin, Executive Minister, in an email regarding delegate discussion at the Annual Church Gathering of MCEC on April 30.

The actual vote was 141 delegates voting “yes” and 5 voting “no,” for a 97% approval. The high level of approval was likely augmented by a request, accepted by the executive board, to provide MCEC delegates with an opportunity to vote again once a more fully developed proposal is available for their review.

After rigorous and healthy debate MCEC delegates approved the following motion:

“The Executive Council moves that MCEC adopt the directions set by the Future Directions Task Force Final Report and collaborate with MC Canada and the other Area Churches to develop a proposal for the creation of a newly reconstituted national body along the lines envisioned in the task force final report and the feedback to it, with its purpose being the resourcing of the Area Churches so that they can better respond to God's call to equip our congregations for the living out and sharing of the peace of Jesus Christ with our local and global neighbours.

“Further, the MCEC Executive will provide congregations with opportunities for ongoing consultation and review, and an opportunity to vote on a more fully developed proposal no later than July, 2018.”

“This has been a good conversation. I continue to be grateful for the passionate engagement and prayerful support of the health of the church,” wrote Willard Metzger, Executive Director of Mennonite Church Canada.

Martin added. “Thanks all for your prayers and I look forward to taking the next steps together on this journey.”