Children invited to ‘breathe in’ God’s Spirit

MennoMedia Staff
November 13, 2012
Mennonite Church Canada/MennoMedia joint release
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Harrisonburg, Va., and Waterloo, Ont.

Christians believe that God is everywhere, and often speak of sensing God’s Spirit. But how can adults help children understand the wonder, power, and essence of God? Breathe It In: God Gives Life, MennoMedia’s 2013 vacation Bible school curriculum, seeks to do just that.

“We want this curriculum to guide children to understand that God is the giver of life, and always present with us,” says Mary Ann Weber, MennoMedia managing curriculum editor. “Through Breathe It In they’ll hear Bible stories of breath and wind, explore how God’s own breath was used to create people, and how the wind of the Spirit helped the young church to grow. We hope that through these stories they’ll discover the life-giving breath of God.”

MennoMedia produces a new vacation Bible school curriculum each year. The studies have been popular with both Mennonite congregations and with congregations from other denominations—including Episcopal, Brethren, Baptist, and United Church of Christ groups. Each curriculum is organized around five stories, adaptable to a traditional daily vacation Bible school program or to a 12-session midweek or club plan. Breathe It In sessions draw on Scriptures from Genesis, Ezekiel, Matthew, and Acts.

“We present the Bible content in many ways, to draw kids in and help them connect with the themes,” says Weber. “For instance, the Bible stories are always introduced through a dramatic skit, and each worship time includes songs related to the Bible stories. A variety of activities build on the story and theme, both to help kids connect more deeply and to give them a chance to respond to the ideas presented in their own way.” 

Some congregations use VBS as a way to reach out in their communities, inviting neighbourhood children or members of nearby congregations to join them.

A number of them order materials from MennoMedia every year. “We’ve been using Mennonite-produced materials for six years and we don’t even look at anything else,” said Rev. June Hardy Dorsey of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia, as she called in her order for the 2012 materials. “The themes always seem to speak to the current context of our church,” said Dorsey, “and using them has had a wide impact on our church and community.”

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